Are Essential

Immigrants are not only essential workers, they are essential to America’s recovery from the disaster of COVID-19. We’re launching #ImmigrantsAreEssential to make sure that politicians finally hear what all of us already know.

Millions of immigrants, including non-citizen immigrants, are keeping our healthcare system working, keeping our farms and food deliveries flowing, caring for our parents and children, and saving our small businesses. But our immigration policies are making their lives more dangerous, and making their work impossible. Politicians are killing America’s chance for recovery by denying immigrants the essential security they need.

There is no essential workforce without immigrants. So we must ensure that all essential workers can get tested and get care, including immigrants. We must end the denial of financial support to all essential workers, including immigrants. It’s time to recognize all immigrant essential workers as the true Americans they are, and give them the legal status they have earned. We must include immigrants.

Clapping louder won’t make that happen, but raising our voices will.

#ImmigrantsAreEssential is our chance to raise our voices and force politicians to act. We are commissioning artists who can bring the stories of immigrant essential workers to life. We are driving conversation online so that thousands more of us can demand action.

Every profile of an immigrant essential worker represents the stories of millions more. Every time you share one of those stories, or add to them, you represent the millions of Americans who believe that politicians should not continue holding America back.

Together, we’ll make sure the people who do the most essential work get the most essential recognition and rewards they deserve.